Free Version Basic Features, Free Forever
VIP 1 Low to USD 19/Month
VIP 2 Only USD 520/Year
VIP 3 Only USD 860/Year
VIP PRO Only USD 1500/Year
Basic Features
Number of Sub-Accounts
Number of Stores Due to Shopee API limit, the system does not support store authorization in Taiwan sales market. The number of stores is the total number of stores in all marketplaces. One account in one marketplace is calculated as one store.
Marketing Automation
Order Follow-Up Management All functions under documentary management will share the number of service buyers. The number of service buyers will be updated at 0:00 on the 1st of each month, Beijing time. For example: a VIP 1 user can send messages of documentary management to 8,000 buyers every month
500 Buyers/Month
8000 Buyers/Month
18000 Buyers/Month
60000 Buyers/Month
Incoming Buyer Reception
Auto Invite to Follow
Follow Prize
Order Reminder
Payment Reminder
Positive Review Reminder
Order Confirmation
Shipment Delay
Shipment Reminder
Delivery Reminder
Delivery Failed Reminder
Receiving Confirmation
Cancel Order Reminder
Cancel Recall
Only Refund Recall
Return & Refund Recall
Review Reminder
Efficiency Tools
Ticketing System
Automatic Replies
200 Messages/Day
500 Messages/Day
500 Messages/Day
500 Messages/Day
Auto Reply Review
10 Messages/Day
50 Messages/Day
500 Messages/Day
Quick Reply
100 Messages
2000 Messages
4000 Messages
10000 Messages
20000 Messages
AI Chatbot
10K Characters/Day
30K Characters/Day
100K Characters/Day
100K Characters/Day
AI Chatbot
Support for purchasing AI value-added package
Support for purchasing AI value-added package
Support for purchasing AI value-added package
Support for purchasing AI value-added package
Business Management
Customer Service Performance Management
Basic Version
Premium Version
Premium Version
Premium Version
ERP Integration Developing
Advanced Chat Distribution Developing
More features coming soon...

Manage 200 multiplatform store chat on an all-in-one chat platform

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