Business Pain Points

Low efficiency in multi-store management

Delayed responses due to high volume of messages

Multi-language translation barriers

Unable to provide 24/7 online service

Why Choose Duoke


Save labor costs


Promote order conversion


Improve service efficiency

Core Functions

Unified reception across multiple platforms, one-stop customer service management for higher efficiency

Full coverage of mainstream e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia
Breaking the language barrier for cross-communication
Multi-terminal intelligent tools enhance human efficiency in various processes

AI intelligent chatbot, available 24/7 for accurate responses

Multi-scenario coverage, with an accuracy rate of 95%+
24/7 online, seize the golden conversion in 3 minutes
Highly accurate AI responses, with a pre-sale issue resolution rate of 75%+

Multi-dimensional data analysis provides a basis for customer service operations decision making

Store data visualization provides comprehensive analysis to support operational decision making
Fine-tune performance data to present customer service work results in a multi-dimensional manner
Comprehensive analysis of the conversion from customer service to marketing, providing clear insights into business issues

More Distinctive Features

Five Star Negative Review

Intelligently identify negative reviews among five and four stars

Logistics Inquiry

Integrate with 17TRACK for real-time logistics tracking

Message Broadcast

Bulk send store activity messages

Important Reminder

Real-time strong reminders for returns&refunds, medium and negative reviews

Coupon Creation

Create store and product coupons with one click

Tag Filter

Support custom tag creation and filtering

50000+ Sellers are Using Duoke

“We started using the DuoKe customer service system early on. We can centrally manage the stores on several platforms with DuoKe, which saves personnel and allows them to be deployed to other positions for more valuable work. In addition, we attach great importance to buyer management and hope to increase the number of fans of the store. The multi-customer custom label function helps us efficiently manage buyers and promotes the increase of fans of the store.”

Aban Thailand Local Seller

“We value Duoke's professional technology and efficient product concept. Its powerful features help us manage dozens of stores in an orderly manner, greatly improving our team's operational efficiency. Any problems we encounter are quickly resolved, resulting in a several-fold increase in the number of orders in a short period of time. We will continue to support it.”

Kevin Guangzhou cross-border big seller

“DuoKe is a very useful product! It is simply a lifesaver for my store! It is very convenient and fast to use, and it has brought me great surprises! Most importantly, it is very secure. The message receiving is fast and stable, allowing me to communicate with customers in real time and provide timely service, which greatly improves my store's performance.”

Leo Indonesia cross-border big seller

“As a new user of Duoke, I have given it a positive evaluation. Duoke's language translation is accurate and precise. What's most important is its ability to meet the conversation needs of buyers in different scenarios, and its high system stability, which allows us to use it with confidence. In summary, Duoke provides efficient and convenient services for my multi-platform store, it's a great product!”

Acon Acon Europe and America cross-border big seller
Message Replies (times/day)
Message Translation (times/day)
Marketing Order Follow-Up (times/day)
AI Automatic Replies (times/day)

Brand Endorsement

Safe and Reliable

Platform official API, secure and anti-correlation

Under DianXiaoMi

9 years DianXiaoMi brand guarantee

Professional Guarantee

Professional AI R&D team and service system

Global E-commerce Intelligent Chatbot System, Choose Duoke

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